About This Project

Paul: The idea for this blog came to me in a flash.  Laurie and I were on vacation, visiting my parents, and watching the first episode of Season 9 of Project Runway. One of the key problems I've found with blogging is, as it were, "keeping the balloon in the air."  Which is to say: actually having something to talk about.  Responding to episodic material gives us built-in subjects to discuss and it is my belief that this show will provide inroads to a multitude of topics much larger than the show itself (this is not going to be a blog of episode recaps.)  Beauty, truth, human value, perception, economic theory, entropy, philosophy, theology, art, skill, addiction, conflict, history, ignorance, grief, fear, and joy are just a few of the topics I expect the project to open for unique exploration in this format.

For people who don't know us, I'm Paul Mathers.  I'm in my mid-30s.  Urban bohemian intellectual with a heart full of love and neurosis.  Classical music and jazz.  Starchy German philosophers and floral French novels.  Shakespeare spills out a lot.  I love the world of fashion but am frankly so ambivalent about the world of television that I usually forget it even exists. 

Laurie:  I'm Laurie Mathers, life-partner and co-"urban bohemian" of Paul. Since I do not possess a college degree, I will refrain from referring to myself as an intellectual. My own interests include writing, art, history, philosophy, theology, food, gardens, pets, and, generally speaking, all things beautiful.  For me this project is above all about writing, and enjoyment.  In order to be a writer one must write, and write, and write, even when one isn't quite in the mood. This is a project comes with built-in prompts and can be as fun or as serious as we choose to make it on any given day. My hope is that it will help keep my creative juices flowing and loosen me up for my other projects.